What our clients say about us

I am writing this to thank my personal financial consultant, Mr. Derrick Yip, who has greatly helped me and my family over the past 1 year plus.

I met up with Derrick back in September 2012 to discuss about my financial portfolio. After reviewing my existing financial portfolio and insurance policies, we met up again on several occasions in which he took time to explain to me a few solutions which would be beneficial to me.

Besides discussing about insurance policies, Derrick gave me some personal advice on how to manage my finances. In December 2012, I decided to take up two policies from him. Then in June 2013, I was diagnosed with late-stage cancer.

When Derrick was aware of it, he visited me immediately and advised me on the coverage of my policies. He also reassured me that he would help me to handle my claims. He has also helped me to make claims from policies not under his charge.

Beyond his call of duty, Derrick visits me often and checks on my progress up till now. When I seek a transfer to another hospital, he also helped to communicate with the hospitals to facilitate the transfer.

At a time when I most needed rest to recuperate, I did not have to worry about financial matters of my treatment. My family and I are very grateful to have found Derrick as my personal financial consultant.

Ying Cong

(March 2015)

在2013年6月, 当邱德拔医院 (Khoo Tech Puat Hospital) 的医生告知颖聪患上癌症, 我们一家陷入慌乱, 不知如何是好。我们第一时间联络了他的保险经纪, 叶俊豪先生 (Mr. Derrick Yip)。

他给予我们很大的支持。他陪着我们与医生讨论颖聪的病情, 帮忙解决医药费的问题。

他也帮助颖聪辗转从邱德拔医院转到新加坡中央医院 (Singapore General Hospital), 最后又转到伊历莎白诺维娜医院 (Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital)。

事情发生至今已一年九个月,俊豪仍然非常关心颖聪的状况。他不时地跟进颖聪的病情与经济情况。任何与保费有关的问题, 他都尽心尽快地为我们解决。

我很庆幸颖聪遇到这麽一位有爱心的好经纪, 他让颖聪买了一份很好的保险, 让我们不必为颖聪庞大的医药费操心, 让他可以安心地抗癌。

俊豪是颖聪生命中的贵人, 作为颖聪的母亲, 我很感激他在各方面的协助。除了感恩, 还是感恩。谢谢俊豪。

颖聪的母亲(Mdm Yeo)

(March 2015)

To me, what stand out as a financial planner are his/her quality service provided and his/her sincerity in looking after my financial portfolio. I have been approached by many financial planners. Many a times they are either eager to sell the product without follow up, or after the deal is made, there is no/little subsequent follow up.

However, I was fortunate to have met Derrick (from Terkaya Wealth), who changed my perception about the service quality of the people in this industry. He did not rush to push sales. Instead Derrick helped me to do up a comprehensive review of my existing policies before providing sound advices to fill in the gaps of my financial bucket. Derrick was genuine in his review. For instance, he proposed a solution that was beneficial to my specific needs and the explanation given by him was clear, concise and easy to understand.

Derrick’s after sales service is also worth mentioning. Although the insurer provides fund report results on a bi-annual basis, Derrick, at his own time will follow up with me on the status of the underlying funds of my policies; advices of any new beneficial product on a quarterly basis. This is what I do value and appreciate.

Due to his sincerity and excellent quality of service which gained my trust, I have recommended friends to him. They share the same sentiments as me too, despite knowing Derrick for the first time. I hope the insurance industry can develop more dedicated financial planners like Derrick, for I am grateful and happy to have him to help my family, friends and I as our financial planner.

Thank you very much.

Tan Keng Siong

(May 2015)