Wealth Protection

To love is to protect

The greatest legacy you can leave behind is the complete assurance that your loved ones will continue to be taken care of should any unforeseen event occur.

At Terkaya Wealth, we understand your desire to provide your loved ones with the assurance of quality lifestyles and peace of mind if you are no longer around or critically ill / disabled.

All of us understand that failing to plan is planning to fail. Hence, our Relationship Managers take pride in discovering and understanding your financial positions and wealth protection goals first. Then, planning and implementation of wealth protection solutions will take place to ensure that all your wealth protection goals are covered.

One of the popular solutions is the “Protect as you Save” strategy:

Terkaya, Singapore’s Premier Legacy & Lifeline Planners

*For instance, Michael (male, aged 25, non-smoker), set aside a saving of $512.27 a month (for 20 years) for a $600,000 wealth protection solution (coverage for death, total permanent disability and critical illness). This solution will cater to his wealth protection needs for whole life even after 20 years’ of premium paying term. At the same time, cash value is accumulated for as long as he lives should he decide to continue enjoy the wealth protection benefits after premium-paying terms. He may choose to make a withdrawal at an older age, like age 70. Projected return at 4.75% per annum at age 70 is $341,053 (the total premiums saved for 20 years is $122,944.80).

This strategy seeks to provide you when you are healthy (cash value accumulation which you may use for retirement) or when you are unhealthy (critical illness or disability claims). It also provides the assurance required by your loved ones when you are not around. There are 1-, 10-, 15-, 20- or 25-year limited-payment options for this lifelong wealth protection solution.

Terkaya, Singapore’s Premier Legacy & Lifeline Planners

Other than this strategy, we have other solutions to cater to your wealth protection goals as well. To understand more, please contact Terkaya Wealth. Our Relationship Managers will contact you for a non-obligatory discussion.

(*) This example is illustrative purpose. Other factors such as age, medical conditions, non-smoking/smoking status will affect the premiums. The terms and conditions and other features will be advised by our Relationship Managers.