Retirement Planning

Have you ever wondered how much money is really sufficient for your retirement? When do you want to retire?

And what are your plans after retirement? Do you have enough money to continue the lifestyle which you want to have? Have you thought of how good it will be to receive passive income throughout your lifetime after retirement?

Terkaya, Singapore’s Premier Legacy & Lifeline Planners

These are important questions which everyone is concerned about. This is because we are not going to run a business or work forever for money. We are also not going to rely on our children when we are old as they will have their own families’ concerns in the future.

Hence, a happy retirement is a choice. Planning ahead right now to secure a future that you deserve could be the best choice you ever make. Financial security and independence are the keys to a worry-free retirement. You need to plan in detailed and start saving early so your money works harder for you through investment and compounding interest.

Terkaya, Singapore’s Premier Legacy & Lifeline Planners

With the advancements in medicine and improvements in living standards, the average life expectancy of Singaporeans is increasing. This also means that your savings may have to stretch longer than you planned for it to last. With the increase in life expectancy, medical expenses are expected to increase as we age. Therefore, there is also a need to protect your retirement funds by insuring your health as healthcare costs are always increasing.

Plan for your retirement holistically today. At Terkaya Wealth Management, we will tailor-make a comprehensive retirement plan which suits your needs. Our retirement solutions can make your money work smarter and create a stream of lifelong retirement income for your essential needs. The solutions will also enable you to enjoy luxury needs (such as travelling, buying gifts for your grandchildren, and so on) and protect your wealth from unforeseen health risks.